Webpage on the root domain and weblog on a subdirectory

I know that we can add external domains but I don’t want to host my weblog on a subdomain. Does anyone know if it’s possible to host a webpage on the root domain and a weblog on a subdirectory? :thinking: I haven’t found if that’s possible on the docs/switchboard settings just yet.

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The answer is yes! I made this video that shows how:

(I literally just hit upload, so it may still take a while to process, but this will show you exactly how you can do it!)


This is so cool! I love that you put in the time to make this video, thanks Adam. :heart: Off to set that up now.

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Hi @adam
I tried this, but the index page is blank:

I’m not sure where I went wrong. If I change the file location to “somthing.html”, the page works fine if I use that address. I even tried changing it to “/index.html”, where it worked, but only if I type the whole address including the .html part.

The other pages work. I made my post list page be:

I also included an image of how the code part looks right now:

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Sorry about that — just fixed that bug! It was the combination of a custom landing page and the multi-post setup that was the culprit there, but it was an easy fix. Site loads now!

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Thank you so much! :prami_happy:

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