Weblog.lol appears to be down

It appears weblog.lol is down. :grimacing:

I see the following error page when I try to load the URL.

CleanShot 2023-03-13 at 15.27.03@2x

I checked isup.me as well, and they corroborate the story: Weblog.lol down? Current problems and status.

An update earlier knocked the actual landing page (well, landing blog) out of whack, though individual weblogs were all fine (or at least should have been). The issue with the actual meta weblog has been resolved and that page now loads properly. Sorry for the trouble!

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Thanks! Glad it wasn’t too much work to fix. :+1:

Hey @adam mine appears unavailable still.

@adam Scratch that, just tried a different browser. Loading now. Arg, didn’t reply right again!

Definitely some sluggishness, though.

Working on it. Today has been a mess, between a ton of highly inefficient Mastodon traffic and two separate DDoS attacks. :weary: I do think I have a solution in place to help with the Mastodon stampedes, though: https://jort.link