Weblog images (and some.pics)

For images in weblog posts, do they need to be hosted elsewhere, or is there the ability to host hem on the same servers.

If some.pics is the solution, how the heck do you upload an image there? Looking at it on my phone, I can’t seem to login or find an upload link.

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You can upload to some.pics from your dashboard, eg: https://home.omg.lol/address/8bit/pics for me, also visible when you log in and select an address from https://home.omg.lol/dashboard


For some reason when I checked in the dashboard I didn’t see it the first time. Thanks!


Hey all, new here :wave:

I think this is the most relevant place for this question, sorry if I am wrong. I would like to add images to blog posts, but these are more functional than aesthetic, as it were, and they certainly wouldn’t stand on their own. This, I think, goes counter to what some.pics is meant to be.

I see a “files” section on the weblog pages. This seems like the way to go, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add files to it. It does not seem to be documented either.

Am I missing something or are weblogs here not really supposed to have images or other media?



@hanneke welcome to the forums, community, and omg.lol family. You’ll probably find the omg.lol universe quiet to your liking. If you have any questions, doubts, or need support with something. Our awesome admin and developer @adam will be able to help you with it and for support regarding email @faisal is who you want to contact. And of course the rest of the community and omg.lol team is always there to help you with anything and everything if they are not available (or just in-general). So have a lot of fun and great time here.

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Hi @hanneke! I’m working on a more practical approach to hosting images. The Files section of the weblog is more for CSS/JS or other text-based stuff, and you’re right, not every image that you’d want to put on your weblog is one that you’d want to put on some.pics. Aiming to have this new file hosting setup operational soon!

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Great, I’m looking forward to that!

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