Weblog discovery

I realized that while there are probably some interesting weblogs out there on weblog.lol… I have no idea where or how to find them.

Thus, I offer some suggestions on how to improve discovery of weblogs. I don’t have the technical know-how to judge the feasibility of these options, so I understand if any of them turn out to be difficult to implement.

  1. A landing page similar to status.lol but with the most recent posts from blogs. Inspired by Write.as Read and Micro.blog Discover.
  2. A directory similar to the omg.lol directory but specifically for weblogs. Inspired by the Ye Olde Blogroll and the Hotline Webring.
  3. A button that leads to a random post of a random weblog. Inspired by Indieblog.page.

Excellent ideas! Looking forward to working on this. :smile:

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Thanks! I know you have other things to work on, so you may consider this low-priority.

Also, not all of these have to be implemented: personally I think just #1 would be fine already.

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