Version History automatically changes theme without publishing

When you click a restoration option below, you’ll be taken back to the editor with that version in place. Your changes won’t be published or live yet, but once you confirm that you’ve restored the intended version of the page, you can simply click the Save & Publish button to publish the restored version.

When you click an option, the theme seems to immediately apply, even without clicking the publish button.

However, other changes such as CSS/head/profile text are not automatically published. This is expected behavior, based on the quote above - you would have to click the Publish button in order for the page to be fully restored. I just wanted to look at my old profiles without actually publishing them, so I did not publish the old version.

Therefore, my theme had changed without me being aware of it until I checked my production profile.

With this in mind, since the theme was changed on my production profile without the rest of the data coming along for the ride… well, I was using the gradient theme 4 months ago, and today I use a background image. That background image started going across the screen very quickly.

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Thanks for letting me know. This is a really pesky bug — just worked on it for 45 minutes but couldn’t work out why it’s happening. Will pick it up again in the morning. Sorry for the trouble.

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