UUID or other unique identifier per post

Is there an UUID or other unique identifier per post available at the template level, ie not necessarily just via the API, that could be used for any number things?

My use case right now is adding a “Reply by email” link, which is not going to be automated in any way and I’d like a hash or UUID to use for the email wildcard in identifying the post source.

I see this sort of similar request from August (Blog post edit link), where the use case is to create an edit link per post. I think the UUID/hash would solve both our use cases, but I don’t see a reply yet that it is ready and am curious if that got missed or it is on the todo list for some point in the future.


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Just added {post-id} for this. Let me know if you run into any issues with it!

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I have a couple follow-up questions:

  1. Will this work on all posts, even existing ones? – I think I answered this one myself: yes, it appears so
  2. Will this only work on “posts” or also “pages”?

At this time, I don’t see a need for pages, but thought I’d ask.

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It should work on pages as well! Tonight I’ll alias “page-id” and “entry-id” to make everything work nicely and with more flexible labeling.