/uses is just like /now… but for your setup and the things/tools/software you’re using.

Would be a fun idea for an omg.lol feature :rainbow:


I believe Adam has mentioned making this a feature, though if you want it now some people have already replicated this using the front matter of weblog entries to set the path to /uses.


I have uses.lol in the omg.lol domain treasure trove, just waiting for enough free time to get it up and running. It’ll happen at some point, I promise! Capturing it here as a feature-request is actually helpful as I try to prioritize those, so thanks for posting this.

(On a related note, I made this page not long ago, but haven’t really publicized it much, and it pulls all of the posts tagged with feature-request from discourse.lol and lists them sorted by the number of “Likes” they’ve received. So other folks can vote for this feature by simply liking your post!)