Use Multiple Post Landing on a location other than the home/landing

I broached the subject of this on Discord but thought it good to add it here for tracking.

As it stands now, I believe the Multiple Post Landing setup is only available to use as your weblog home/landing page. This would be the alternative to how the default home/landing of weblog shows the latest post, and the multiple post setup would be ordered by most recent and provide pagination for navigating through all posts.

I am already using a standalone page as my home/landing page, but would like to use the Multiple Post Landing setup on another page/section on weblog as an alternative to the archive/post-list, which doesn’t provide pagination. As I mentioned on Discord, I don’t necessarily think the archive/post-list needs pagination, but by not having a descending and paginated place for all posts to show up, discovery suffers a bit I think.

My idea is that I’ll create a section for “Blog” or “All Posts” that will be the home of the Multiple Post Landing, and I’ll use all the other goodie/bits that it provides (the post template, pagination/nav, etc).

Not sure what issues you might foresee with this, Adam, let me know what you think!

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How does this sound: {posts} generates the output of a multiple posts display (i.e. what would be on the “multiple posts landing page”) wherever it exists. So you could plop it down on any page (it could even be the entirety of any given page, or you could put other content around it). Seems like the simplest approach that I can think of, but I’m open to alternatives!

And just to clarify, would all the same settings in config for Multiple Post Landing apply to this wherever it lives? such as the pagination template, post template, etc

Edit: after seeing this: I am wondering if {multiple-posts} is already this?


Oh, lol, you’re right—it does already exist! :smile:

And yes, it should respect all of those settings consistently. :+1:

I’ll test it out and mark this completed this if all is well. Thanks.

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