Totally new here, wanting to learn

Hello there! I am totally new to this platform and wanting to use this as a place to blog and keep my portfolio. Is there anywhere I can go to learn how this all works? Like an over all ‘how to’? I understand markdown files, but that about the extent of my understanding.


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Each “feature” on the Dashboard probably has a primitive “more info” link somewhere, but if you’re looking for specifically more about using the weblog:

  • There is a Quick Start Guide.
  • Last year’s 25 Days of has a lot of additional information, some of which might be overlapped in the guide but some is not. You can start on that from Day 1.
  • There is also additional information and feature updates on the news/times. You’ll have to parse through that to find what you might find interesting or useful.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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Just to add to what @anniegreens said: if there’s something you don’t understand and/or can’t find in the linked resources, you can hop onto the IRC/Matrix/Discord server and ask about it. It’s not guaranteed that there’s always someone online to immediately answer, but we’ll be happy to help out.


Oh, sweet! Thanks for the heads up!

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