Theme maker/editor devlog

Heya! Back in October, I bought the domain name and I figured I’d make a place that’s easy to make and share themes, at least while we wait for an updated theming system. Well, it’s time to actually make that a reality! I’m going to document changes and stuff here, but if @adam isn’t OK with that, I can easily move somewhere else. (also I have no idea if this is the right tag)

Here’s what I’m planning:

  • Easy theme creation
  • Theme sharing catalogue
  • Use the api/CSS @import/<script> tag in header to add theme
  • Allow for integration with other theme systems (unified theme or something idk)

I’d be happy to take feedback (that’s the reason I’m making a thread for this here)

  • Made the first commit.


  • Made the webpage skeleton. I think this’ll turn out very good!

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I am 100% OK with that! It’s awesome! :partying_face:


I’m sure it will look great! I’m looking forward to it :hugs: