Templates et cetera terminology/naming conventions?

The new landing page template stuff has had me thinking about naming conventions and such, I think spurred by calling something weblog-default-post-template.html that’s just a partial/snippet when previously something called weblog-default-page-template.html was understood to be a full template from <html> to </html>.

I’m not sure what can be done retroactively here, but prospectively I feel like we should try to figure out a nomenclature that’s applied consistently so that templates are templates and partials/snippets are partials/snippets.

(Relatedly, I feel a bit the same about the landing page template calling {body] rather than something that’s more expressly {landing-posts-partial} or some such.)

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Totally agree. This is one of the pitfalls of rapid development. Let me give it some thought—but definitely agree that before rolling out any new templates or changes along those lines, the terminology needs to be settled and made consistent.