Tag cloud possible?

Hi, is there an easy way to set up a page that shows all my tags? (Pretty sure this is a RTFM, sorry in advance). (I thought maybe just …/tag/ would do but it results in a “not found”.)

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I requested it - so think it’s on the to do list. Not sure where to look to check that it is.

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Just got this up and running! Here’s the new default configuration for it, followed by an explanation:

Tag listing path: /tags
//Tag listing template: Tag Listing Template
Tag listing order: alphabetical
Tag listing format: <<[
[tag:begin]<li><a href="$location">$tag</a> ($count)</li>[tag:end]

The first item, Tag listing path, defines the location where you’ll see your tag listing page. The default is /tags.

Tag listing template is optional — if you want to use a specific template for your tag listing page, this is where you’d name it.

Tag listing order can accept one of three values:

  • alphabetical which sorts in a case-insensitive manner by the tag name, A-Z
  • ascending which sorts by entry count, low to high
  • descending which sorts by entry count, high to low

Tag listing format is the template that will be used for the output of the tag listing, using the same pattern/format at the other configuration templates. You can use three variables in the template:

  • $tag is the tag name
  • $count is the count of entries associated with the tag
  • $location is the location (path, URI) to the tag page for the tag

The default configuration produces a simple alphabetized list of tags with the post count in parenthesis beside each, but the template system will allow for a lot of configuration (including an actual visual tag cloud, which could be rigged up using some light scripting and the $count data for each tag).

I hope this meets your need — let me know if you have any feedback!


Awesome, thanks @adam - this is so cool!

BTW is there a “placeholder” I could use to imbed this into another page? (I’ve tried {tag(s)-list(ing)} without luck so far.)

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Just updated it so that you can use {tag-listing} if you want to drop this on an exiting entry (post, page, or template). :+1:

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Unbelievable @adam ! I don’t dare to “ask” anything anymore, when within a few minutes the function is implemented directly :exploding_head::partying_face:

Is that $count variable also exposed for use on the individual tag post-list pages?

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It is now! Sorry, should have knocked this out at the same time (but didn’t make the connection with your other request).

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Oop, I’d forgotten I already had a feature request in for that. Posting here wasn’t meant as a nudge. Thanks.

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