Switchboard - 504 Gateway Timeout

Hi all,

Was making some changes to Switchboard settings yesterday and then the page suddenly stopped working giving me a 504 Gateway Timeout error. I assumed it was a temporary problem with omg.lol but the problem is still there this morning… any thoughts?


Odd. As of now, omg.lol is working fine on my end.

It’s only the Switchboard page for me, rest is fine :man_shrugging:

I also removed all cookes for the site as well in case something had gone weird there.

Okay, I just tested changing some stuff in the Switchboard and it’s working fine as well.

@adam What do you think could be causing this discrepancy?

@darreninthenet, can you DM your IP address, or email it to help@omg.lol? Thanks!

Following up on this (finally) — I was able to correct the issue, which was related to an excessively long timeout value on the domain validation process. Sorry about that!