Suggestion: Bluesky Handles

There’s a new federated social network called Bluesky that is based on their own AT Protocol. It allows for users to have their handles be custom domain names and subdomains. So, what I would like to do is be able to set my subdomain as my handle on Bluesky. There are a couple ways this can be done. Bluesky created their own guide on setting it up and there are two open source projects that gives users an interface to make their own Bluesky handles.

There are 2 ways to do this. One is by adding a a txt value to the DNS records and the 2nd is to upload a text file to the subdomain in the directory with a short string containing your Bluesky user information (which is one line of text). But, alternatively, could fork and install either of the 2 Github projects they felt were most appropriate and I assume it would make the folder automatically when the user signs in with their bluesky username and password and it would talk through the API and all that jazz.

Is this possible? It would be great if so! I look forward to finding out and if you need more information, I can try my best to find it.


1 Like has a DNS manager built in. Your second link appears to use the API, but it looks like it’s email/password based and I don’t know how many people would trust adam with that information (or if Adam trusts himself with handling it). Plus, with the DNS panel that’s already there you can just do it yourself.

Ah, yes, I totally forgot about the DNS manager section. So, for future reference for anyone who may want to do this, all I had to do was go into my DNS manager under the dashboard. Create 2 new records. For Bluesky, I created a new record:

Type: TXT
Name: _atproto
Data: “did=did:plc:your_uservalue”
TTL: 300

To find your data in Bluesky go to Settings, Change Handle, I have my own domain, and it will have what you need to copy and paste into the into the Data field. Once the new record is created, wait a couple minutes and press the “Verify DNS Records” button in Bluesky.

You also need to make a new A record in your DNS Manager to redirect your subdomain to your page:

Type: A
Data: [at the time of this writing]
TTL: 300

@bye Bluesky uses a feature called App Passwords, so you create a new password for each particular 3rd party app that connects to the AT Protocol. I doubt anybody would be able to see them anyway. would have to install that particular Github project, but it would then make a nice little user interface so people could add their subdomain as their handle on Bluesky. It creates a nice little UI for folks to do it similar to how looks.

Thanks for the help!

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I think Adam would have to build it himself if he were to do this. I think just using those GitHub projects wouldn’t fit into that well. I don’t think it’d be that difficult though.
I don’t really see the point in guiding users in making an account password when you can guide them through setting their handle instead, which removes the need to use the bluesky api and also lets the end user know EXACTLY what’s going on.