Stuck in limbo after accidentally spring cleaning the Discord server

I removed the server in my Discord and now the social page on still says that I’m member of the server and I get no opportunity to get re-invited and have the discord plugin re-request rights etc.

I hoped to fix it by removing the Discord “plugin”/app/whatever (the “integration” you give access to your Discord account) in case this was how it was detected but this didn’t help either, unfortunately. And so now I don’t have that one either. lol

It’s just a minor issue though. Maybe Discourse is better to keep up to date and discuss the site anyway.

Have you tried Deauthorisiing the app from the account settings?

Go to: User Settings (little cog icon by your name in bottom) → Authorized Apps → Scroll to → Hover over it and click on the “Deauthorise”

And then try to refresh the dashboard and see if that helps?

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I just reset things for you, so it should let you re-authorize now. Let me know if you run into any issues, though!

Hey! Yes, I in fact did this and thought I had an eureka moment but it unfortunately didn’t help. Thanks to adam, it looks sorted now though.


@adam I am in the same boat with this… Mirc is causing a memory leak and freezing my machine, so I went to go back to discord and I can’t get the link back in. When you have time. Thanks.

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You’re all set, Tim! Should be able to reconnect now. Let me know if you have any glitches though.

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All is well, thanks Adam.

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