Statuslog missing emoji src

This is a weird one. Just posted a status with the emoji “keycap digit 5” or :five:, which appears fine in the preview while writing the status, but once published shows an image tag with an empty src. You can see the live version on my statuslog here: it is the latest one.

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I thought that the problem only existed over here - because I had something blocker or so - a running man

(I just avoid using these icons, there are more of them…)

Yeah I’ve encountered those before but like I said this one shows fine during authoring, but once published is missing the src

Adding screenshot of visible emoji during authoring:

Again, this is about it showing during authoring, but not once published.

Adding a bit more: the difference can also be tested by copying the source of the emoji during authoring and opening it up in a new window or tab. In this case:

  • farmer/3D/woman_farmer_3d.png is a 404 and forwards to the homepage
  • is perfectly fine and shows you the emoji image

Thanks for catching this—it’s definitely an annoying bug! I’ll resolve it tonight, and in addition, we clearly need better error handling around any missing items like that (yikes!).

Will update shortly, stay tuned!

Thanks again, @anniegreens — this has been corrected! I do still have a ton of work to do on improving emoji support overall, but for now, the keycaps will all render as they should. :smile:


The running man :man_running: still has problems - a reason to never run again :rofl:

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I finally fixed it, @simondh! Sorry it took so long. I feel really bad about that, heh. But now all of the emoji should properly render in the emoji picker (I think). Have a nice run! :smile:

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Hahaha, no problem. Thanks.
But now i have an excuse less for not starting to run…

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