Status of weblog?

Is weblog still considered beta, or is it safe to lose that moniker? I’m curious if any more potentially breaking changes are expected, or if it’s ready to kick the tires.

Asking for a friend… :wink:


Wondering the same. No updates in awhile and far as I can see no updates to the help that were promised unless I’m missing something.

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@pimoore Definitely still beta! And while I don’t expect any major breaking changes, I think that we can’t rule out some changes that may require a few adjustments downstream as a few loose ends are tied up.

@jasonekratz I’m definitely behind on updates but will be working through them as I can. Was there something that you were waiting on in feature-request or bug, or something that isn’t listed there? I’m using those tags to track pending work. :+1:


Sorry Adam. Hope that didn’t come off as a complaint. Was just noting. I thought at one point someone was working on some docs and recall a first round coming out but nothing since then. Or am I totally off-base?

No need to apologize! Being totally honest with myself, there is a scary-long list of things I really need to do, both with and a bunch of other services as well. Even if you weren’t intending to complain, you would be well within your right to, objectively.

And your memory is perfect — there is someone helping with docs but they’ve become super busy with Life™ so things are a bit paused there. And given the relative complexity of, the lack of documentation remains its weakest point (but the complexity itself is working hard to tie for first place in the competition for “what makes this the hardest thing to use”).

This is why I still don’t even mention anywhere on the landing page — it’s there, but it’s not something that I’m comfortable actively encouraging people to use at this point. It’s still far too nerdy and picky and annoyingly quirky to offer the kind of experience that I’d like people to have… but I do think that with enough time and careful planning, I could run the equivalent of a giant steamroller over it to flatten out all of the lumps that people keep tripping over. Just need to find more time! :smile: