{status} for profile pages?

I was wondering whether or not it would be faster if within omg.ol services we could do things like embed our latest status using something like {status} instead of using the JavaScript? (Prompted by me watching the very small delay on loading my profile while the script runs.) I suppose there’d have to be a way to add options like with the script, something like {status?pretty&time&link}. If/when profiles become statically-served, then I guess posting a new status also would have to trigger a profile rebuild.

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Great idea! As I work to shift omg.lol content delivery to a static model (vs. today’s dynamic approach), things like this will require a little extra thought. Specifically, I’d just need to keep track of what profile pages have “dynamic” content on them (via something like {status}, once it’s implemented), and have a process for triggering a re-build of those static assets whenever the external dynamic content changes (i.e. when your latest Statuslog entry is changed). So there will be a little work involved in making this work nicely, but it’s definitely do-able, and I will definitely do it. :smile:

Tagging this as a feature-request so I can track it. :+1: