iOS Shortcut

A friend asked for a shortcut that would upload a photo to, so he could use them on his weblog. I went and made it.

It’s not pretty, or polished, but it works. Run it, pick a photo, and it will upload it to your account, in private mode. That means it won’t have a description, so it will be hidden from the feed.

When it finishes you’ll have the link in your clipboard, already formatted in Markdown, ready to paste.

Make sure to read the rules about uploading to Don’t abuse the system, play nice.

You can find the shortcut here:

Once imported you’ll need to add your username and API key at the top.

Hope it works, enjoy.


This is wonderful! Sorry for all of the headaches with the description aspect. Looking into that. If all goes well, soon I’ll have a new API documentation framework that will allow you to test/try different endpoints. This should make it easier to examine raw responses and troubleshoot stuff without resorting to other tools. Stay tuned!

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I’ve tried with Postman, and it seemed to work. I can’t figure out where I’m failing. The “new” URL, with the id set is correct, the text that should be added is correct, and the second call seems to be ok. Token is set, and JSON payload only has description and the text. And yet it’s failing :pensive:

Please let me know when this changes. I cannot get it to work at the moment :pensive:

Obrigado @maique for the shortcut. I’ve added function to use it with Share Sheet on iOS and Quick Actions on macOS.

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Cool! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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