Some downtime for bug fixes

Terminal Land will be offline until some significant game-breaking bugs can be thoroughly addressed. Being completely transparent, I regret opening access to the world-building capability without spending (a lot) more time vetting its functionality and ensuring that everything works as it should. In my own excitement about it, I rushed to share, and I failed to consider that the resulting bugs could be really bad.

This is a game, and as such it should be fun. If it’s not fun, I’m doing it wrong… and so I’m going to spend the time I need to fix some very broken things so that it can be done right. :+1:


Yikes, just realized that it’s been nearly a week! Shouldn’t be much longer, though!

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Back up now! If you ever find yourself stuck, just use the spell PLUGH.


Thanks, I think it’s really cool that you opened it up during pre-pre-pre-alpha phase :smiley:

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Thanks. Hoping to have more time to invest in working on it soon!