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When I go to, I see this in the upper right corner:

sign in - some pics

If I click on “Sign in” it takes me to my dashboard ( where it appears I have signed in. If I return to either through the dashboard " Hey! Everything you share here is public and will appear on <-this link. Learn more about picture sharing on" or just I see the same thing “Sign in” in upper right corner.

All this in the same non-private browser window (Safari) in separate tabs and have repeated this after computer restarts and browser updates. Nothing odd with other dashboard services.

Understanding “super beta” and the possibility I missed a message about tokens.

Does this appear differently for folks who have successfully signed in to
Related: If successfully signed in, can you interact with other pictures? (I cannot, even my own beyond opening them to view alt-text and exif info) (liking or commenting for example?)

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Sorry for the confusion on that! The simple (and embarrassing) explanation for this is that uses a new site template and I haven’t wired up the sign-in process yet, so that link doesn’t actually do anything. It’s a misleading link, and it’s been on the page since it launched, yikes! I’ve removed it for now so it won’t mess with anyone else (and it’ll be back once I have the cross-domain sign-in process sorted out). Sorry, again, for that!

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Oh, wow! A placeholder. It kept me curious every time.

Super happy that I didn’t have some unique browser history problem.

Thank you for your fast response.

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