Should I duplicate issues from GitHub?

Apparently to keep this forum active, we should use it as much as possible : ). Can I duplicate GitHub issues/bug report (that I care about … or more, if somebody tells me I’m doing a good thing) here for better tracking? Or Adam has his plan :smiley: ?

20 characters minimum 123456 it’s a silly requirement

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Oh thanks for quoting… Saw someone duplicated an issue, thinking it was how it works.

That would be me! I’m sorry! I heard Adam saying on stream that people can migrate stuff from GitHub to Discourse themselves and I assumed that applied to issues as well. Probably explains why I couldn’t close the issue over at GitHub.
Apologies either way!

Ah! no worries at all @gil . I thought duplication here to track makes sense actually IMO. Just double check with a post before duplicating. Thanks for confirming the issue anyway!

Just fixed the 20 char setting. Sorry about that!