RSS per tag

This is firstly a question and secondly a feature request if it isn’t already possible.

I have not created new tag listing pages yet, which I think I understand is a new sort of recent feature (last few months), if I’m wrong about that, please correct me. But if I am right, will this also create a properly “scoped” RSS feed for just that tag?

I notice that the old tag listing pages (the one with just a headline linked to the posts) does not provide a “scoped” RSS feed for just that tag but was wondering if I get tags listings updated if that is also a feature.

So now we get to the feature request: if all this is a “no” or any part of it, can we get RSS feeds per tag?


This is no problem at all. I’ll set it up so that appending the typical feed paths to a tag page (e.g. site.tld/tag/foo/rss.xml) will generate a feed for that tag (and it’ll work for RSS, Atom, and JSON feeds). Sound good?


Yes, that sounds perfect, thank you! :prami_happy:

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This is good to go now! If you append /rss.xml, /atom.xml, or /feed.json to any tag page URL, a feed will be served for that specific tag. I think there are still a few loose ends to tie up though:

  1. The default weblog title/description/etc. is used in the feed, and I’m thinking that something more custom should be used instead (e.g. "Posts tagged with #tagname) — but I’ll want to put this in the configuration to ensure that it can be properly customized.

  2. I need to think about autodiscovery — I think I just need to make some adjustments to the default tag page template and then that should be good to go.

Let me know if you have any feedback on how things are set up now or either of the above two items (or anything else).

Edit: It turns out that when I implemented this, I accidentally broke regular tag pages for about 20 minutes. Sorry! All should be well now.


I will come back to this today!

Update: okay, I’ve implemented Tag and Tag Listing pages and added the RSS/Atom/JSON links and they are indeed seeming to adhere to the tag of the page.

I agree some data may need adjusting or customization. I’m not sure how you’d like to manage that from a technical perspective. I’m using some custom variables in my posts and could possibly want to use one or more of them. For example, it might be nice to use the summary metadata instead of the entire post for “description”. I will think more on this and perhaps make some suggestions here for what could work for me, but of course it needs to be flexible for other people too.

For now I’ve just manually added the links to the Tag page template using my {permalink} and appending the relevant file w/ extension, see image below: