Reply by email in RSS

Is there a way to configure the RSS feed such that a reply by email link (with the post title as the subject) will populate in the user’s feed reader app?

We could definitely make it happen one way or another! Do you have an example feed you can link to that does this? I’d like to see the typical approach. Is it as simple as just appending it to the post body, or does it go somewhere specific?

I sure do! See Kev Quirk’s feed as an example, which gave me the inspiration to add it to my own feed.

I used to have this via a custom function in WordPress. It simply appended it to the post content itself.

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On my this gets automatically appended to every post, however it doesn’t show up in the RSS feed of the same post.

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What if we had a way to include content in feeds that would otherwise be suppressed on the web page? (Could also do the opposite, as well.) So, something like:

[feed]<a href=" on {title}">Reply to this post via email</a>[/feed]

And this could easily be appended to your template so it’ll show up in all posts.

Doing it this way (as opposed to a very specific “reply by email in feeds” feature) could open up some fun or useful possibilities. For example:

[feed]This post includes some really cool scripting and visualizations that you’re not seeing in this feed. Be sure to check it out in your browser![/feed]


[web]As a reminder, you can subscribe to this weblog via our RSS or JSON feeds![/web]

(The [web] one would appear on the web page for a post, but not in the feed.)

Any thoughts before I start implementing?

That’s a really interesting idea! Would there still be a way to include it on both the web and feed version?

I think the easiest way to add it to both would be to just add the boilerplate reply link to your template (using other existing tags like {title} to generate the dynamic subject line), but it’ll be cool to be able to fine-tune those for web vs. feed as needed. Hope to get this in place soon!

This is awesome, thanks Adam!

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I now know why I’m confused by this thread: I already have this. My rss items have a reply by email on them via Feed post appendix: <p><a href="">Reply by email</a></p>.