Q for anyone who followed the whole "landing page" thing

Am I correct that as currently constructed you can’t cobble a landing page that, say, displays the most recent post in full, and then a list of titles or titles/excerpts of the next five posts beneath it? Or am I missing something in my exhaustion that would make this work?

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This is super doable. Take a look at probably.blog, I use it in the sidebar but there’s no reason you couldn’t have it at the bottom. Weblog defaults to most recent post if you have no landing page, so adding it to your post template should take care of the rest.

Slight bonus: That way, all posts will have the 5 most recent at the bottom!

If you want to see any of my setup, it’s all in my GitHub! :slight_smile:

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That second to last bit is the problem: I do not want this on post pages, just on the main page, which is why I wondered whether or not the newfangled landing page stuff made this possible or not.

Okay so I was reading through this and if I’m reading it right, for a landing page I could set Landing page post count to 1, and Recent posts offset to 1, and my landing page would display one post in full based upon the posts snippet for landing pages, and then the next four posts based upon my Recent posts format.

D’oh. Nevermind. Setting that count to 1 actually disables the entire new landing page thing anyway.

ETA: Also, playing around with it had made me realize that I don’t need more clutter on my nice new minimalist main page, so I don’t know what I was thinking.