Proofs via DNS TXT records

The news item about Proofs refers to DNS TXT records being an option for adding proofs (although this is not mentioned in the help page, only the HTML page content option).

I just tried adding a DNS TXT entry and adding the value there as a string, but that didn’t work. Is this feature not baked yet?

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Add the “” URL as a TXT record and it should work. May be it’s a delay in DNS propagation for you?


Yeah, what @rameez described should be correct, so if it’s not working, could you share some details about the domain so I can troubleshoot further? Thanks!

Inevitably it was, as you suggested, DNS. Specifically, in my case, I’d set it in the wrong place (I had forgotten that the nameservers were upstream from my original registrar, and needed to create the TXT record there).

All good - thanks for the clarifications.

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It would be nice if this got mentioned on the help page somewhere.

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Totally agree — the help pages are overdue for some updates all around, and I’ve been tracking those separately. Will try to knock them all out soon!

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