Proof Troubleshooting

Let’s consolidate all issues with proof verification (“can’t find the snippet”) in this topic.

Right now, I’m aware of the issue with Instagram. Let me know what others you run into! This will help me either make the checking process more resilient or contribute to a list of known services where we’ll have to check for snippets manually.

Hi Adam. Where do I add the proof verification on my YouTube channel?
I added it on the description field but it does not seem to work.

Same for - I see the proof verification code on the page but does not find it.


here’s my proof (in “About” section) for my YouTube channel, will edit this post for more when i get to adding more stuff

@mdalves It looks like I had a slight code glitch that was preventing the cURL fallback from working on YouTube, but I just fixed that and re-ran the process — your YouTube proof is good now.

As for, it seems that the remote server is blocking requests from the server:

I’m wrapping up a new manual verification process to help with issues like these, and I just ran that particular proof through it — so it’s good to go now as well. :+1:

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If you’re putting the snippet in the About section, then I believe you’d need to use this URL: ame。 - YouTube

You can put the proof in your channel description, though, which will make it appear on ame。 - YouTube directly though!

It still throws an error message, even if I made a new Proof using my /About URL.

Alongside Instagram and YouTube (about page), I also wasn’t able to get Ko-fi to verify either.

At this point I’m just looking for things of mine to see if it’s verifiable lol

Another one for you to check: My link in my profile doesn’t seem to be recognized

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@ame, still working on YouTube. Google’s not making it easy! I saw that your proof was still on the page, though, so I just took care of it manually for you.

@melanie, can confirm that this is an issue — ko-fi doesn’t like my automated browser setup. Hopefully this will be addressed when I have a better crawling option in the near future. Until then, if you want to add the proof snippet back to your page, I’ll be more than happy to verify it manually.

@chrismetcalf, looks like does some weird things with content population via JS, and’s headless Chromium setup isn’t being served the full output (even with a 10 second affordance for DOM generation). Weird! I ran this through the manual verification process though, so you’re all set.


Putting a link in an akkoma profile field(such as my akkoma profile) isn’t shown, as those are only populated when JS is enabled. Also, if the user bio is too long and you put the proven link at the end, it’s cut off. In this case, the first characters are shown in the site description, but if you put it at the end of a bio, it’s not shown in the description tag and cannot validate.

Let me know if I can help describe this a bit better.

I can’t prove my personal website, which is a Notion website (Fruition) hosted/routed/redirected through Cloudflare. Here’s the output:

Gives a timeout but you can go hit the page now and see it’s up!

They’re probably blocking inbound connections in the IP range where the server runs — this happens from time to time. Eventually when I have the proof checking setup a little further along, we’ll hopefully be able to dodge that somewhat — but until then, I’m glad to verify it manually. I don’t see the snippet anywhere in the page source currently, but if you add it and let me know I can take care of it from there!

Will throw one back in now - give me 2 mins and it should be there!

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All set!

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just a FYI, i don’t think the youtube link was actually “proven” yet.

Proofs fail on I took a look at the website source code for my profile there, and it’s a mess.

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Thanks @darylsun — I’m long overdue to patch up some proof code which may help here. In the interim, though, if you need me to verify anything manually I’m glad to do it!

Oh wow, thank you very much!

It’s not urgent for me, so take your time.

Looks like snippets don’t get found on “” Channels/Profiles.

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Hello! I tried adding a proof to my LinkedIn profile, but I got the “can’t find the snippet” message.

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