Profile page loads, but web editor preview gives distressed Prami

Pretty much there in the title. No matter what I do, the preview pane just shows that error page, even as the page live on the web is loading fine.

Is this still happening? Also, are you able to access directly, and if so, does the page load or do you receive the error page?

It stopped erroring about 3 minutes ago, I think. For the tail end of it, opening the preview frame in a new tab loaded fine, but the preview pane continued to error.

OK, ugh. I’m tailing the error logs now, so let m know if you see this (or anything else like it) again.

Currently happening again.

FWIW, as near as I can tell, refreshing the overall web UI page just loads the error in the pane, but it looks like if I close the tab, reopen dashboard, navigate to profile edit, it seems to go back to normal?

ETA: Scratch that. It must have been happenstance. I just did the same process after getting the error again and it was still the error in the preview pane.

OK, I see the entries in the log that correlate to this. I’m not certain what’s going on yet, though, and I can’t reproduce the issue at all, but I definitely see where it’s been happening. Digging into it!

FWIW, when the editor preview loads the error page, publish still seems to work, as the page does update.

Looks like the poor database server is struggling to keep up. Working on it!

Just made a bunch of improvements that should hopefully help with this. Still plenty more work to do, but in the interim let me know if you notice any other issues with this or anything else. (When all is said and done, not only should you no longer encounter distressed Prami, but all hosted pages should load much more quickly.)

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