Profile Page editor has hidden scrollbar issue

(Background: I have to scroll by grabbing the scrollbar and I know that’s weird.)

In Chromium browsers, the scrollbar for the page editor is being pushed out of the text area somehow, making it difficult to see/use. If you look very close you can kinda see it and grab it.

Worth noting that Firefox doesn’t have this issue. Probably it’s a minor CSS layout issue.

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and I know that’s weird

Not weird at all! I appreciate you being polite and patient about this, when you would be well within your rights to downright clobber me with the factual accessibility issues that my egregiously poorly designed scrollbars were posing. I have no idea what I was thinking when I made those, but wow were they awful.

The editor is way overdue to an update (and I’ve been planning one for a while — I really nice thing with line numbers and syntax highlighting and all of the bells and whistles), but I think I was able to adjust the offending styles to make the scrollbars generally more cooperative and accessible. Let me know if you notice any other issues with them, though, or if you come across anything else that needs adjusting. Really appreciate the feedback on this!

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