Profile Page CSS update shows in Preview but not Live (cache?)

The title pretty much says it: CSS updated for my Profile Page shows in the Preview, but not after saving/updating on the Live page. Perhaps a cache thing? Though I don’t recall it doing this the last time I edited the CSS for that page (which has been a little while).

So no one else is seeing this issue?

Could anyone else test this on their end? Make a CSS change you verify you see in the preview page, save the changes, view Live, do you see the change in the Live view?

I have now tried this in a brand new, never used browser and still not getting the updated CSS.

First, I keep my profile’s css as a file through weblog. But I just tried replicating what you did on the profile page and what happened to you happened to me too.

After that, I did the same change on my weblog css file, and the change works instantly through there.

So, that’s kinda weird. No clue why that’s happening. Maybe moving your profile CSS to a weblog file might help?

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Thanks, I appreciate the verification that you can reproduce. I use a CDN now for weblog so I suppose I could do that here too, but I’m sure Adam will fix whatever this issue is. Just glad to know it isn’t just me.

A little update: unfortunately adding the CSS to my CDN doesn’t appear to update the page with the new <head> elements added via “Additional <head> Content”. In fact, interestingly enough, adding them and removing the “Custom CSS” updates the Preview to not showing any of the additional <head> CSS or the now removed “Custom CSS”. I guess I’ll step away from this now as I will not be resolving it on my own.

Hi Annie, I’m so sorry for the delay on digging into this one. Out of curiosity, and this may sound like a weird question, but after you make a change to your profile CSS which (of the several) Save buttons on the page are you clicking? I just noticed that if I click the one at the very bottom of the page (the one under Settings) it doesn’t publish, but the others seem to. And what’s funny about that is I didn’t even think about it… I just saw a blue button that said Save and clicked it without thinking and assuming it would do everything it needs to do, so now I’m wondering if anyone else has fallen into that same trap. :grimacing:

If that’s not the case, can you go me a favor and add a comment to the top of your CSS (/* like this or whatever */) and then publish, and let me know once you’ve done that? That’ll help with the next step in troubleshooting.

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Hey, no problem, it’s spring break, right? I was mostly looking for someone to verify I wasn’t losing my mind (not an easy task).

I think I did hit the one at the bottom. Let me try the “save & publish” option near the preview…yep, that did it. Weird because I swear I’ve used both of those buttons before depending on if I’m on the extended monitor or just my laptop screen (ie, whichever is closest/easiest to hit).

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Just noting that I attempted adding the CSS assets to “Additional <head> Content” again and they don’t seem to take, but that was not my original issue here, I had only tried that after @rei mentioned it.

edit: disregard, I think this one is on me for messing up the URL :roll_eyes:

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@adam I think we can probably call this resolved, unless you plan on adding another “publish” style button at the bottom. I’m now using my CDN anyway so hopefully I won’t need to remember which button to use next time I futz with the CSS on the profile (which is not often).

The only other semi-related bit here would be to add a similar option for additional <head> elements to the status.log styles area, but that could be a spin-off request (spun: Add "additional `<head>` content" to statuslog custom styles area (match profile)).