Previously fixed "dark previews" bug returns?

As near as I can tell, the preview images on the main feed or on a user page have reverted back to the bug where they were too dark compared to the actual photo being previewed. At least this is true for that picture of Carl the goat I used to illustrate this bug before.

I haven’t made any code changes to, but nothing would surprise me at this point. Though I’m carefully looking there and making some comparisons, and I’m not seeing it. This makes me wonder if it might be something tricky like a browser thing, or a color profile thing, or something else.

For reference, here’s what I see on Carl and Clover:

The images look like perfect matches for color/contrast/brightness to my eye, but I also realize that this can be really subjective. I remember what Carl’s preview image looked like before the fix, though, and that was really noticeable. But I can’t see it now, so if you can, I’m curious what browser and OS you’re using (so I can try to reproduce the issue).

Huh, that’s fascinating, because here’s what Safari gives me which matches how it was during the bug era.

ETA: It doesn’t do this on mobile Safari. I’m only getting it on desktop, although it previously was fine on desktop after the bugfix.

That’s wild — you’re seeing the exact previous preview image that was since fixed and purged from the CDN cache. But I wonder if Safari somehow resurrected it from some kind of local cache? If you view the site in another browser, does it look the same?

I use Safari and the screenshots I took above came from Safari, so it’s definitely not a general Safari issue. I’m inclined to think it’s a caching fluke but not 100% sure yet.

Huh. Safari Technology Preview shows correct preview image. This is so weird though because there’s no question that after the bugfix regular Safari had been showing the right thing.

A little further testing. If you access the image directly in Safari using this URL with a unique query string, which version do you see?

I don’t even need a query string. It loads correctly just using “open in new tab”. At which point a command-reload on the page now loads the right one. So yeah I guess some weird Safari cache confusion. Lord knows where and why it suddenly started pulling an old version.

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hash tag just safari things, I guess. :smile: