Passkey issue when web app?

So, I’d accidentally deleted the web app I had saved to my home screen of my dashboard, but when I went to recreate it, it simply refuses to log me in via passkey, and obviously signing in via email link won’t work in this context. Any ideas why passkey sign in would be failing in this instance?

The only reason passkey authentication would fail is if the browser isn’t supplying the correct private key. Are you able to sign in from outside of the saved home screen app (in another browser)?

Even though it may seem impossible (or just unlikely), signing in with the email link should still work! Passage’s “magic link” feature doesn’t require the link to be opened in the same browser from which the sign-in request originated. You can open that link anywhere, and the session that requested the link will become active and signed in. I do this all the time when testing stuff with private browsing windows or in embedded browsers within apps. Works every time, even though it feels like it shouldn’t!

Hitting this again and also now I can’t even just login via passkey in a regular browser session. At the moment the passkey widget doesn’t even load.

I give up. Frustrated, I deleted my passkey and then logged in via email and while the widget asked if I wanted to set up a new passkey, clicking the button does…nothing.

To be clear, this is via normal Safari iPad session, not my web app saved to Home Screen.

ETA: What’s more, in my omg settings under passkeys, I can’t even delete what’s in there, because the delete button does…nothing.

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I hear you. The Passage setup works most of the time, but when it doesn’t, it is frustrating. I’m going to be creating an alternative authentication process that can also use passkeys but that I have more control over. (This will also address the broken session issue that I’m way overdue in fixing.)