Page/Post that's supposed to be deleted is still there

So I tried to mess around trying to get something of a Landing Page to work until I actually did mess up and now I have no idea how to make it so it goes back to showing the latest post. As of right now, it only shows up as this page even when you click on the blog title. There should be no reference to a “home” anywhere anymore at this point.

From what I messed around in the configuration file, it’s apparently me setting the timezone to Asia/Tokyo that’s causing it.

PS: i think i should also suggest more landing page documentation somewhere, is it that i should type Type: Landing Page on the frontmatter? this has been really frustrating

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Managed to solve it, had to go back in my history to find the offending post (for some reason, it was just hidden when it’s Type: Landing in the frontmatter. Don’t know if that’s a bug that should be concerned about.)

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That is sort of a bug, yeah. Type should always be post (the default value when a type isn’t specified), page, file, or template… and if it’s something other than that, the behavior is a bit unpredictable. I’ll get a patch in place for that soon, though!