Now page nudge link

I enabled the now page nudge emails, and I find it really useful as a reminder. However, whenever I click on the “update it on the web” link, it never takes me to the page where I can update it on the web. Instead, it takes me to a sign in screen (even if I’m currently signed in), which redirects me to my dashboard afterwards. You can try clicking the link here to see what I mean—I copied it directly from my latest nudge email.

Would it be possible to have it take me to the now page update page?


Oh, thanks for letting me know about that! Definitely a bug — will fix ASAP and will let you know when it’s done.

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Was searching around to see if anyone had reported this because I’ve noticed this the last few times I tried to use my /now nudges. Glad to see this is on the radar. :slightly_smiling_face:

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