Now page is blank/not updating?

Just created a Now page and I think I set it up correctly, but when I go to the page, it’s blank. Any ideas what I messed up?

So you can still see markdown on the edit page?

Oh, I figured it out. You have to publish your web page for it to show up.

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@m1k3 , how do I publish this page? I only see buttons for Save & Preview, and when I hit Save I see a banner that states: “OK, your /now page has been updated.”

But not seeing where I publish this?

Go back to your dashboard and click on the Web Page button. Delete everything or just type something real quick and then click on Save and Publish. It seems the Now page is part of your profile page so that needs to be published first before /now works.

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Ahh perfect, that makes sense and got it working! I didn’t even look at the webpage and didn’t work on it at all or publish.

Works now!


Yikes, that’s one heck of a bad bug! Will work on that ASAP. Thanks for catching it!

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