Mustache templates and logic

Based on recent conversation around archive sorting and being able to provide some kind of logic, I’m wondering if adopting Mustache would be possible? It’s what Blot uses under the hood, and seems to offer the kind of “logic” that Liquid or Go templates would, without their level of complexity.

In the case of archives per the linked thread, it would perhaps allow users to configure themselves instead of needing a one fits all solution. (Assuming I’m understanding this correctly)

Update: further digging also reveals Mustache has a PHP implementation. :wink:

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Interesting! Going to dig into this a little more tonight.

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Nice, thanks Adam! (Though I’m sorry if I’m putting more work on your plate… :wink:)

If it helps, here’s a link to the section explaining how this works for archives in Blot. I don’t know exactly if the {{archives}} variable is coming from Blot itself or is specific to Mustache, but weblog does have similar variables.