Multiple proofs on a site

With my new domain–as I’ve posted about endlessly, sorry!–I’m mirroring the subdomains and domains and now I’m wondering about adding new proofs for the reverse subdomain/domain that I already have proofs on each property for.

Maybe this is silly, but proofs are sort of silly (AND COMPLETELY SERIOUS), can or should I add multiple proofs to the sites (omg/weblog/status) for each combo or should I just replace the ones that are there with a new proof using the new domain/subdomans?

Example: current proof for, should I add a second for, or just replace the current one, or neither?

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You can do both I think - because you only proof something at one point in time.
I add a second, and third proof for every domain that points to the same site.


What @simondh said — you’re welcome to do what you prefer and what feels best to you. There’s no right or wrong way to use the proofs system!

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Yeah, I get that there is no hard and fast rules I guess I was just looking for: “this is what I do” or similar, and I agree that Simon provided that. I already replaced them with the new proofs! Thanks to both of you!

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