Multiple non-latin tags being ignored

Steps to reproduce

Paste following post. (You may wish to remove Language: since it is pretty unique to me as a bilingual blog.)

Date: 2023-08-08 20:00
Language: ko
Location: 2023/08/1
Tags: 닭갈비, 한국어

# 신림춘천집 구로디지털단지점


(It’s OK to embed the image — Cloudflare doesn’t charge for R2 egress so I’m pretty fine with that.)

Expected result

I get two tags, namely 닭갈비 and 한국어

Actual result

I only get the last tag. In this case, 한국어. If you add one more non-latin tag, that last one is the only tag I see.

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Yikes, sorry about this. Will dig into it shortly — hopefully it won’t be too difficult to untangle and get things working as they should!

Any SITREP? Been about 3 months, and still pretty annoying…

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I’m really sorry for the delay on this. I’m pretty sure that I’ve corrected the problem just now — do you happen to have a weblog entry with two Korean tags to confirm?

Looks like so. Thanks!

It’s possible that I may have broken this again (because this fix broke something else), but don’t worry, I’m working on it! Will have it all sorted out soon.