Multiple email address forwarding?

It would be neat if multiple email address could be added, for the forward.

For example: → →

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So, I absolutely love this request — but I feel really bad because to give a proper explanation as to why I can’t do it, I have to get annoyingly nerdy about stuff that you may not even care about. Ugh! But I’m going to do it anyway, for the sake of clarity.

First, I should say that what you want to do can totally be be done — it’s just that you would need to do it with your own email provider. That email provider would handle mail for the domain, and then you’d set up your mailboxes/forwards as you see fit from there.’s email forwarding service runs on the root domain. We don’t set up MX records on any subdomains (since those are your domains, and your namespace and DNS, and we don’t touch it!). Because of this, we can’t actually receive email sent to an address on the domain (it just wouldn’t be routed anywhere unless you configured DNS records for it that point to the mail service of your choice). We do receive and forward mail sent to your address, though, but that’s done at the individual address level.

If you did want to pair your subdomain with a mail service, Fastmail is a wonderful way to go. (And that link just will give you 10% off your first year.)

Another thing you could do with your existing setup is make use of address delimiters (which you can read about in detail here). You could give our variations of your existing address that use any of the supported delimiters, e.g. or irwin/ and all of them would be forwarded to your current forwarding address. Then, with your existing email service (or even your local mail client), you could configure rules that take mail sent to and forward it somewhere, and mail sent to irwin/ and forward it elsewhere. That would be a totally free way to get the same result without having to mess with DNS records or anything else.

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other questions about the setup or anything covered here!


I see. That totally makes sense the way you have it. I’ll look into something like fastmail. Thanks for the explanation!

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