Moving from GitHub

I’ve just locked things down a bit more over on GitHub, as I work toward fully moving us to self-hosted and independent solutions. Here are a couple of housekeeping items as part of this move:

GitHub Discussions

If you have any existing GitHub Discussions that you’d like to continue here, please feel free to post them in the matching category here in Discourse. At the end of this week, I’ll go through and take any relevant/useful info from various threads and move them here myself (like the “Font” thread!), and then I’ll shut down GitHub Discussions entirely.

GitHub Issues

I’m leaving the existing backlog of issues active so that I can continue to work through them, but new issues and feature requests should be made here in Discourse. Using the bug and feature-request tags on your topic posts will be super helpful in tracking those on my end. If you have an existing open issue in GitHub, there’s no need to move it here (unless you really want to!).

Let me know if you have any questions! The GitHub repo will remain active until I get around to setting up our own Git thing, but we’ll keep feature and bug stuff here in Discourse for services going forward. Thanks for your patience as I finally get things settled around here!



cof cof based on Forgejo would be awesome
cof cof


I’m definitely considering some options! :smile:


Oooh yes a or something with Codeberg or Forgejo!