Members-only “ask me anything” site?

I was looking around at the current options for sites like the old Formspring or ASKfm (although I guess that’s partly pivoted to dating now?) and that made me wonder if maybe that’d make a good additional OMG service. Although probably not at as that’s like three grand.


I love the idea! When you say “members-only” do you mean that you envision questions coming only from within the community, or that questions could come from anyone/anywhere but the ability to share/respond to questions would be for members only? For a service like this, safety and moderation would need to be a big focus (but really only if questions could be submitted by anyone on the internet).


While I technically have nothing against asks from anywhere, I mostly was thinking of questions only coming from within OMG, but answers being public (or, I guess, a person could set them as private). Sort of like, in theory there’s a sense of trust within OMG and memebrs might feel more open the questions coming only from within, even if the answers are being shared publicly.

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Sounds cool! Now I just need to find the right domain. :smile:

I would like to chip into the conversation, if i may? I would like to point out that you could “just” do a AMA on the forums or on Mastodon. Now this wouldn’t be as fancy as a dedicated web app, but it works just as well i assume?! Maybe i’m just being conservative here? But i like the idea myself tho.

My use case was such that there’d be a domain for it, so that where my profile links the various places you can find out things about me, there’d also be a omgaskdomain/bixfrankonis listed.