In case you missed it, we’ve rolled out a Matrix homeserver at You can provision an account for yourself by visiting your address’s settings page (same place where you see the Discord/IRC/Mastodon stuff). Even though the server lives at, account usernames are all in the format (which is pretty sweet!).

For those of you who’ve tried it, how has it been going? I know there have been a few quirky periods while I’ve worked through some server configuration (especially with the channel bridging to both IRC and Discord), but I think things are finally starting to become relatively stable. Would love to hear about any experiences with the setup (good or bad), or anything else that might be on anyone’s mind related to it. Thanks!

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Element buried my DMs because every time anyone does anything in the groups they move up in my recents. More of an Element issue, but I’d recommend considering how often you’re going to use via Matrix before setting it up. Use it daily, it’s great. Use it rarely like me and it’s mostly an annoyance.

Not an problem though. Element issue.