List of feature requests for Terminal Land

So here are some things I think would be great for Terminal Land!

  • Commands
  1. SET <property> FOR <object> AS <what you're setting it as>: a way to set a description, message, or other property (such as SET home FOR me AS here, or SET description FOR me AS “You see a normal human.”)
  2. HOME, if there is an ability to set a place as HOME, HOME should go there
  3. TELEPORT - teleport to a specific location instead of navigating there. This could be any public location
  4. SAY TO - say something to a specific person or even object (equivalent on MUDs/MOOs is -)
  • Allow object creation in-game with something like an @create command for common objects like rooms/containers and generic objects
  • Could use a multi-line editor for more complex objects in-game

Great ideas! The SET verb already exists but I haven’t really documented it very well, and it’s not hooked up to much at the moment other than keeping track of the Companion state (open/closed) and the sound/notification preferences. If you open your Companion (hit ESC) and toggle the checkboxes, you can see it in action. I’d just need to expand it a bit to be more flexible, as you described.

HOME and TELEPORT are great ideas — been thinking about ways to incorporate those kinds of things into the game, within a game-like way (might be magic spells, or Companion-related tech, or both!).

As for the SAY verb, it does need some syntax help. You can currently direct your speech to someone by using this shorthand:

..person Hello!

But that’s not intuitive at all. I could try to parse for a pattern like SAY any amount of speech here TO person — that probably would make more sense.

Appreciate the ideas!

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I think the ..person <some text here> format is probably fine, too. Now I know what to use. :grinning:

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TELEPORT should come with a setting to lock a place from being teleported into, IMHO. And/or only allow yourself if you’re the place creator.

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