List of all available variables?

Recently was updating my /now page and I just realized there are some liquid-ish-style variables available for use on that page. For example: {address} and {profile-picture}.

Similarly I noticed template variables for the main webpage, but it does not appear that all variables work across services (eg {last-updated} works on the /now page but not the main web page.)

Is there a complete list of what variables are available for use?


I really ought to pull one together! But first, are there any variables that you’d like to see working? If I’m going to crack open the code to round up the list, I might as well add any new stuff while I’m in here. :smile:

Nothing in particular I want/need added right now, but thanks for asking :slight_smile:

@adam scratch that, just thought of one. Might be more work than it’s worth, but would be cool to be able to use {status} to get latest status update from

There’s a javascript embed for the latest status: - Statuslog

nice! thanks for the tip.