Landing Page Posts list is out of whack after deleting posts

Say you create some posts: A, B, C, D, and E, where E is the most recent.

Landing page post count is 3

The landing page should show posts C, D, and E.

After deleting C and D, the landing page should show A, B, and E.

But it seems like it’s only showing E.

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fwiw I’m using a mix of default entry names (via web UI) and custom entry names (via API).

Oh, yikes, this isn’t cool at all. I have a suspicion that the caching process is behind the madness here, but I’m going to dig into it and get back with you soon.

(Slightly) more info: Some active posts are being skipped. I currently have Landing Page Post Count set to 4, and I’m seeing only two on the landing page. The two missing posts were published in between the two that are showing. Weird.