Issue with email forwarding


I seem to have an issue with email forwarding. I have set up a gmail email address as my forwarded email.

The page says " This email was forwarded. The receiving server accepted the message for delivery", however I do not see the email in gmail. I have checked the trash and spam folders, and the email is not there.

Is there something I’m missing?


This is actually a funny Gmail quirk! Their underlying setup has behaved since they launched in 2004. If you send an email from Gmail that winds up being forward back to the same Gmail address, Gmail treats the message as a single object (which is in your Sent folder). It’s confusing and weird and unintuitive—but that’s how it’s always worked!

If you try sending a message from any other mailbox to your email address, you should see it pop into your Gmail inbox without any issue. But let me know if you run into any other problems or have any other questions!