Is github action no longer destructive?

I’d thought that if I triggered the GitHub Action because it was destructive that it would wipe what’s in my weblog on the web UI, but it doesn’t seem to? What am I missing?

A full reset with an empty weblog directory will cause all posts to be removed. Just add an empty file called reset to your configuration directory, commit and push, and the action should remove everything. Let me know if you run into any issues, though.

To be clear, the action has never been destructive in the sense that it doesn’t remove existing posts if they aren’t present in the weblog directory; this was to prevent any accidental loss of posts. It’s always emphasized adding new posts or updating existing ones. The reset file is an intentional safeguard to ensure that no one can accidentally wipe their entire weblog. In this respect, the GitHub action leans toward safe weblog management vs. behaving like a traditional “syncing” service. Hope this makes sense!

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