IRC bot shows just local part of Matrix username

Small tweak request for @adam

Can you tweak the IRC bridge bot so it sends through your Matrix display name rather than the local part of your username? The thing is, my name was taken on Beeper and so my Matrix address is However, when I send a message the IRC bridge relays the message like so:

<_> <gpo> Hi this is a message!

Because my beeper username doesn’t match my profile, and because someone may eventually buy, I can see how things can get chaotic. The downside of this approach is an ill-intentioned person may impersonate someone by changing their Matrix display name. However, they will most likely be immediately caught because everyone on Matrix would see their real address. If this is a real concern, you could set up the backend in such a way that 1) only one address may invite an external matrix account and 2) whenever that person sends a message the bridge will send the address that invited that account. That does seem like a lot of effort to go around a very unlikely and easily spotable form of abuse, but I can see how you may think that it would be worth it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for pointing this out! I think I was able to resolve this, but please feel free to give it a test and confirm. The new bridge (Matterbridge) is really nice, but also a bit complicated, and Matrix being a little quirky about stuff also adds to the confusion a bit. But after a bit of tinkering I’m pretty sure it’s behaving as intended now. Let me know!

I think it’s still behaving as before :confused:

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Following up here — I think things are working now (based on our test earlier) but I’m still trying to figure out what the delay is with the bridge adapting to username changes from Matrix. Can’t tell if it’s some kind of internal caching or something else, but it does seem to work itself out somehow? Need to learn more!