Icon Requests

Hi! You can make your icon requests that are not on omg.lol under this topic.

I thought it would be better to have it under one topic rather than separate topics.:blush::sparkles:

@adam will add all icon requests to omg.lol when he is available. :prami_contented:

For icon list: https://cdn.cache.lol/profiles/icons/omg.lol-icons.html


pebble.is is a social media site built after the X platform. They used to use the name t2.social.

:link: The profile link scheme is as follows: https://pebble.is/username

:prami_contented: Simplified icon: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/edizbaha/icons/main/pebble.svg

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Pebble is in there now, thanks!

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I’ve been playing a lot of games on Playdate and have even started working on one of my own. I was thinking it would be cool to have a Playdate icon for my now and profile pages.

It looks like they have some resources available here: Playdate link badges - Playdate Help