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Is there any chance that the Fork Awesome icons might be added to the library available on OMG LOL?

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That looks like an interesting project—hadn’t come across it before! Out of curiosity, what icons does it contain that you’re looking for?

I poked around a little and it seems that the project was started a few years ago, cloning a much earlier version of Font Awesome and then adding some icons to it. They took it to 796 icons, but now Font Awesome has over 2,000 icons in the free set and 26,000 icons total. I randomly looked through their repo’s changes and found where someone asked for itch.io to be added back in February, but itch.io already exists in Font Awesome. So that raises questions about the nature of the fork and how conflicts are handled. It looks like active work on the project ended in late 2021, too.

I have my own icon font to supplement Font Awesome, and a process for detecting conflicts whenever Font Awesome updates are made and keeping things streamlined. If there are any icons that you’d like added, I’d be glad to add them for you. But I’m not sure how I feel about pulling in the entirety of Fork Awesome given that it’s unclear to what extent it may be out of sync with the many updates made to Font Awesome icons over the years. I might also just be overthinking the whole thing, but on the other hand I’ve learned over the years that icons are Serious Business™. :smile:

Ah, you did the research, and of course, I did not!

So it has a few things, such as boardgamegeek, homeassistant, and some others, that I like / would have a use for. At first glance it seemed to be a drop-in replacement for FA, but now I know that it is not, I can instead request specific icons against the omg.lol set.

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{boardgamegeek} and {home-assistant} are now live, and those icons will automatically be shown with any profile item URL that points to their respective sites (but you can always use the manual icon tags shown here). Let me know if you’d like to add any others!



I know this is stupid, but since you ask… If you can get a Banana for my Bananos would be awesome.


You got it!

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 12.20.57 AM


Thanks :joy:

Hum… I’m not sure but I believe I saw the “icon”. But for some reason the “BANANO” disappeared :scream:

Whenever I update the icon font, I flush the server cache — but sometimes browsers like to hold onto prior versions of the font anyway. Usually doing a refresh (or, sometimes, a shift-refresh) helps — let me know!

Also, out of curiosity, do you see the icons on this reference page?

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Ok. And if I don’t see the icon, I just need to wait a while, right?

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It’s alive :heart_eyes:

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might as well ask too

if icons for UTAU, Synthesizer V, and CeVIO are possible, i’d be grateful :bowing_man:

EDIT: replaced CeVIO and UTAU link with just the logo/icon one, maybe those can be used?

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@ame I couldn’t find any readily available SVGs for those, but when I have time I’ll convert them to single-path monochrome SVGs so I can get them into the font file. Stay tuned!

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